Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 37 (or: don’t SHOULD on yourself)

I am, apparently, a fairly funny girl. I am also, apparently, a reasonably talented girl. I am also, lamentably, a funny, talented, overly-busy girl. Or maybe I’m busy in just the right ways (that is what the author of this blog SHOULD say)? Oh, and I’m also blonde, did I mention that? Not that hair-color insinuates anything other than, well, hair color, but I just thought you should know. And if you care to infer from these facts that I’m trying to say that this blog is an important outlet for this overly-busy, blonde girl, but that I’m not overly committed to it (in – I’m sorry – a blonde girl sort of a way), well, you wouldn’t be far from the mark. Obviously. Given the dearth of postings.
I like to think that most things in life are optional, and then, joyfully, those things take on a different meaning than if they’re SHOULDS or HAVE-TO’s. Because really, the only HAVE-TO’s we have as humans are shelter, sustenance, sleep and love. That last one I threw in there, not because I have empirical evidence to support the statement (although I’m SURE there is empirical evidence somewhere), but because love (Love with a capital “L” and love in its small forms as well) makes me giddy, personally, and I imagine that me without giddy would just be cranky and malevolent. And unpleasant. Being un-cranky is, after all, a HAVE-TO.

So what exactly have I been treating as if they’re SHOULDS instead of just options? Here’s a short list (and I do mean short…I could make a career out of this Doing Things business if someone would just pay me):

  • Helping sick mother (really sick)
  • Marrying dear friends (as in – I officiated at the ceremony, NOT to be confused with adopting polygamy as a lifestyle)
  • Planning and carrying on in a reception-y way (I’m a saint, aren’t I?)
  • Packing up and helping Besty move to Brazil
  • Helping ANOTHER Besty move to Olympia.
  • Crying because I lost 2 Besty’s in 2 weeks
  • Volunteering for church
  • Volunteering for Soccer
  • …Yeesh
Options, every single one of them, but NONE of them optional!

Day 37 of One Thousand Days, I acknowledge that maybe the SHOULDS are options, but they’re highly enjoyable, much needed and very rewarding options, and SHOULDN’T be lamented. Except in the losing of the Besties.  That's just aweful - what, oh what, am I going to do?

37 down, 963 to go.
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