The Short Story

Day 1:  Forgave self for behaving badly for One Thousand Days
Day 2:  Cleaned boy's room and made him a custom fortune teller.
Day 3:  Bought mom flowers
Day 4:  Started a fund for family trip to Washington D.C.
Day 5:  Observed an Eco-Sabbath.
Day 6:  Cleaned up work neighborhood.
Day 7:  Day LAME.  Levity.
Day 8:  Planted sweetpea's in open space and purchased native trees and bushes for open space.
Day 9:  Reconnected.  Auntie and favorite friend.
Day 10:  Hosted potluck for kiddo volunteers
Day 11:  Wrote love on my arms.
Day 12:  Observed another Eco-Sabbath, Quit eating sugar, dairy and meat.
Day 13:  Bought coffee for a stranger.
Day 14:  Made cookies for the fire department.
Day 15:  Wrote a love note to my sister.
Day 16:  Sent a dress to New York for a dreamy prom-princess-to-be.
Day 17:  Sat in the sun and talked friend through (well, not ALL the way through) crisis
Day 18:  Quit smoking. 
Day 19:  Vowed to be happy rather than right.
Day 20:  Came Clean and Cleaned the Cats
Day 21:  Hosted a soup party for the girl-posse.
Day 22:  Made Spaghetti for Swastikas.
Day 23:  Helped non-swastika-tagging kids plan a funfilled weekend of innocence.
Day 24:  Called and emailed my representatives about the importance of and need for alternative education options.
Day 25:  Quit swearing.
Day 26:  Bought pizza for neighbors.
Day 27:  Discovered secret chocolate.
Day 28:  Took up swearing.  And Pledged to walk for MS research and awareness.
Day 29:  Made cookies for the Boy Scouts
Day 30:  Dawdled in the woods and prepared Soup for You(p) for friends
Day 31:  Talked a Besty back into her 7 year committed relationship.
Day 32:  Donated to an informal lending library. 
Day 33:  Foisted Cookies (Guest Blogger Annie Parker!)
Day 34:  Posted something!
Day 35:  Cuddled Kitties
Day 36:  The Bird Died
Day 37:  "Should" is a Four Letter Word
Day 38:  Started writing a novel
Day 39:  Visited a Sister
Day 40:  A Pep Talk
Day 41:  Roses to Mother
Day 42:  Pledged to throw a garden party
Day 43:  Started a Business
Day 44:  Cleaned the Fridge
Day 45:  Pledged to Walk for MS
Day 46:  Started Therapy
Day 47:  Cleaned the Bathroom
Day 48:  Stopped Reading Harry Potter
Day 49:  Prayed
Day 50:  Washed That Man Right Out Of My Hair
Day 51:  Took My Money From Corporate Bank
Day 52:  Scrapbooking For Middle Schoolers
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