Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 79 (Or: Creating Zoe's Space)

Zoe's room, or the room that Zoe wanted, was just JUST out of reach...She had the room (and oh how lovely it was!  gorgeous light, skylights and windows)...but it wasn't yet filled with the things that she wanted.  It didn't yet inspire the things she wanted to be inspired to do.  

Zoe's room, like many of our rooms, contained some very useful things (exercise equipment, great shelving and storage, the wrapping paper), and some beautiful things (gorgeous vintage pieces, a closet full of art - art is often found in closets!), and just...wasn't satisfying.

She wanted to be inspired to create!  She wanted to be soothed and feel nurtured!  She wanted to meditate and write and read and be in a space which was her own.  We worked together (I asked a MILLION questions), and slowly, she identified a color scheme (neutrals and woods, accented with blue, yellow and a splash of red), and her favorite art pieces, and then I set to work, shaping a space which would contain FOUR different areas:  A reading nook, a craft and writing space, a meditation space AND the exercise equipment.  That last one threw me for a loop, but I solved it!

Decisions:  Zoe should have a seating area, where she could be alone, or with a friend, and be able to look at and be inspired by her creative/writing space, and her meditation area.  And she should NOT know that the exercise equipment was there until she was using it.  

Solution:  Screen that exercise equipment!  A row of really fabulous, built in cabinets, was re-arranged to create a screen, and Zoe and I spent an hour or so Shopping in her own home for loved art, decorative items and fabrics in the spirit of her nurturing and meditative space.  That's my FAVORITE part!  

Conclusion:  Gorgeous!  But don't take my word for it...

Zoe's reading nook - An owl pillow, made for her by a friend, blue pillows pulled from an unused sunroom, art hung, and lighting pulled from other un-used areas of the house.

Zoe's writing desk - a family heirloom, a drawing of the family castle, paintings of mother and father.

Creative spaces, a tall table (with Zoe's vision board) and her writing area.

What to do with that exercise equipment?  Swing the bookshelves out to screen it!  Bottom left is the view from Zoe's reading chair - you can't even see the equipment!  Mission accomplished.

 79 down, 921 to go!


  1. Wow!! I love this! Great job.

    Kristy W.

  2. Thank you, sweetness! You're so sweet!


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