Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 34 (or: Meh, I’m a slug)

So, dear friend “K” says that I owe no explanations for an absence that defies explanation. She says the fact that the Darling Boy lived through the last several weeks is “good” enough. This is indeed the truth, as he was found one fine afternoon to be removing fingernail polish with bleach, and almost burned the house down. Twice.

But I say you all deserve at least a bit of a something for your steadfast nagging (you know who you are!). So here’s a list of some of the things I “did” in my absence:

  • Raised $425.00 for the Northwest Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Walked to raise awareness for MS
  • Held several “Soup for You(p)’s” (yes, I know, this one’s just me partying with my pals, but STILL!)
  • Picked up garbage (okay, it was garbage that the neighborhood dogs had dug out of my own cans, but STILL!)
  • Planted more trees in the “open space” (alright, the trees might have died before I planted them, due to neglect, but STILL!)
  • Didn’t kill my child (not necessarily something I "did", but STILL!)
  • Watched 25 hours of Twin Peaks (I just threw this in to see if you were paying attention).
As for today? Day 34 of One Thousand Days?  Well, that's obvious, isn't it?  I wrote an entry! Pretty good, eh? Maybe one of the best things I’ve done so far? Okay. I can see by the look in your eyes and the raspberry you’re blowing at me that you’re not buying it. But really I had to just get back on the horse, so there it is. Me. Slug. Day 34 is an acknowledgement of all things slimy and slinking and slurping and slug-like. Which is to say, that it’s an apology to all 23 of my stalwart companions on this journey of One Thousand Days. You people make my day (whether it's One of One Thousand or any of the other nameless days), and it’s short shrift indeed that I’ve been so flaky.

34 down, 966 to go.


  1. You could always go visit my mom. Bring her diabetic cookies. That would be very nice...but dont let her see you blog about it or she will feel like a charity case.

  2. Find it necessary to point out: Soup with You(p) is a great deed. When I manage to show up, I always feel a million times better about both myself and things. And that makes it good. So there.

  3. Well, hello! I'm taking a break from homework to tell you how super you are! I'm glad you are jumping back in! Soup is most definitely a gift to Desmond and I. We are so thank full to have a break from having to scrounge up dinner on Tuesdays! xoxo

  4. yeah, soup when i manage to show up is killer, under threat of sounding like a hippy, i think it's all the soupy, winey, girly energy!

  5. Ah, Amy! Well said, dear, well said. That's just the kind of justification I've been looking for.

  6. yay! you're back! bring it, baby... know that quote you got yourself posted right up there to the right? you see it? 'member? the blog might -just might- fall under the, uh, part where she writes "to never forget your own insignificance". also, i'm pretty sure that Arundhati meant to include, to remember you're human ;). k

  7. I'll tell you what...your encouragement, all of you, makes me a better person. I couldn't be luckier.


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