Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 35 (or: Fuzzy Kitty Slippers)

Sick in bed again. How’s one supposed to do good when one is in jammies and has been for 3 days? I think this calls for taking the “good” where it comes. For one thing, I can’t speak. So there’s no yelling going on. And that’s good. And I haven’t started the car in three days, so that’s good. Not polluting. And then there’s the little matter of no laundry and no dishes. Saving water (never mind that I haven’t showered since Wednesday)!

But really, I think the best thing today, Day 35 of One Thousand Days, is that I’m generously providing a nice warm cat-nap location. What’s better than a bed with a body in it for fuzzy kitty napping? Ok. It’s a bit selfish – I get to benefit from the little warm bodies as well, and what’s better than a bed full of two fuzzy napping kitties? Sliding cold toes under a fur body? Heaven. If I could utter noises other than raspy grunts, I might even sing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Day 35 down, 965 to go.

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