Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 42 (or: Garden Party with The Soprano's)

I have a brand new obsession:  The Soprano's.  I'm currently beginning season 5, and haven't been able to put a finger directly on the appeal of it.  But boy is it appealing.  Goombas...Goomas...Italian food and a whole heck of a lot of moral ambiguity.  Or straight up moral ineptitude.  Take your pick.  Either way, I'm loving it, and am relishing spending the Holy Day immersed in the disgusting under-belly of New Jersey in my own living room, no less.  Heaven.

But the REAL good things that were the bulk of my work today, involved coordining soccer snacks, hot drinks, canopy for a cold game, coach gifts, kid gifts, and working on a gift certificate for my church's annual service auction and dinner.  My "service" being a garden party hosted in the gorgeous garden made possible by said church.  My beautiful yard was made possible by my fellows at church (more than 30 of them) who, 2 1/2 years ago, came to the house with cuttings, clippings, snippings, bulbs, seeds and divisions from their own yards. 

My first spring in this home was a constant surprise, watching things I didn't know were there coming out of the ground, watching cuttings grow by leaps and bounds.  My yard, which is one of my very favorite things in my life, is entirely the result of the love from my church.

Day 42 of One Thousand Days, I made my pledge of $200.00 in service to my fellows.  Lovely fellows.

42 down, 958 to go.


  1. Hey Woman...Nice... I've been busting my brain to figure out what to do for UU. Yours is a very wonderful idea. Generous as your soul always is!! I gave a velvet scarf that I have hand embossed with the chalice I cut from a block. Would love to win your garden party...Good luck . I did not figure out this was you until recently ,sorry..So here is my first post, but I have read your blog often.

  2. Hello! Nice to "see" you here! Your gifty sounds far more thoughtful than mine. I'd love to see it...I haven't decided if I'm going to the auction itself...My item is an instant buy item (as have $10.00, you get to come). One of these days we'll have you over for a visit. I still do the waffle fest on x-mas eve! Come...bring Nell and Emily and the Grand! :-)


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