Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 47 (or: The Bathroom's Come Down With Refrigerator Disease)

Hello, beautiful day! Beautiful, gray day! Beautiful, wet, muddy, gray day! Oh, okay, there’s nothing beautiful about today, which is just downright soggy. Nothing, that is, other than the bathroom. 

Day 47 of One Thousand Days, I drove my mother to what is the end of 2 weeks of a total of six weeks of daily radiation. And was inspired. Not by the drive that is by now rote (I swear, the car could drive itself), but by the bathroom at the clinic. Yes, indeed, potty inspiration! You saw it here, first! At any rate, the bathroom in the clinic is spotless. And smells like nothing. NOTHING. Not like soap, not like potty, not like clinic, not like antiseptic, not like a new car, or new money. It smells like nothing.

This, I surmise, is because it contains practically nothing. Nothing but a toilet, sink and towel dispenser. And it was so clean. No dust, no soap scum, no socks on the floor, no toothbrushes cluttering up the sink counter…nothing. And I’m in love with the nothingness. So much so, that I drove home, marched into the bathroom and emptied it of things. Now MY bathroom smells like nothing, too! Hurrah!  The bathroom and the refrigerator are now in the same club...the Ridiculously Clean Club.

And then I found this short video about a family who live a zero waste lifestyle:

Which just pushed me over the edge. And very directly toward nothingness bliss. Is it possible that my desire for nothingness is directly correlated to my recent inner clutter?

Whatever the inference, I can happily say: Watch out, THINGS, I’m coming for you! Yes, YOU!

Day 47 down, 953 to go.


  1. um, sorry but you have outer clutter too, admit it, you love your things!

  2. Yeah, smarty, I do. I will conquer the things! The inner and the outer clutter. It's all on notice!


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