Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 70 (Or: I'm a WHAT?)

Of all the things that I DON'T want to be known for...

I've been given the label "Yard Sale Lady."

Because I've held or participated in a ridiculous amount of yard sales in the last month and a half. I've lost count of how many. 4? 5? Ridiculous.

True, the house is emptier, and the storage has room And yes, I'm a great sales-lady. And, alright, I agree with you, I'm a hoot to hang out with, hawking wares.

But YARD SALE LADY? Argh. Quick! Somebody pay attention to all of the other things I do. No - not "Crazy Cat Lady." NO! Not "Weedy Yard Lady." NO no no no no. NOT "YARD SALE LADY!"

Okay. One more yard sale. Next month. For a client. And that's it!

From now on, I'd like to be known at "Art Lady," or "Design Lady" or maybe "Organize Lady" or even "Monkey Lady."

Thank you.

70 down, 930 to go.

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