Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 74 (or: The Battle Of The To-Do List)

Damned to-do lists. I have a serious and I do mean SERIOUS love/hate relationship with to-do lists.

In fact, there's a constant running list of things, projects, musts, life imperatives and other little niggling thing-doodles begging for my attention. And if I ignore them, they eat me up. As much as I want for them not to. And they're my own little brain-worms, so I should be able to make them go away.



How, oh HOW do I make to-do's go away, without actually doing the 3 million things on the to-do lists?

Answer: I don't.

1. Do what I can.
2. Let the rest go.

So there.

Because I'm feeling sporty, I'd like to share my good friend Tom's to-do list. It's a master of a to-do list, and it's exactly the sort of thing that makes me drool a little. Both because I'm totally overwhelmed by it, and at the same time in love with it:

Thomas Edison's To-Do List, as perused by Brain Pickings (which is generally one of my favorite blogs EVER).

Frankly, given the slobber problem, I think John Lennon's to-do list is a bit more my speed ("#4 Marmalade." Oh yeah. That's the stuff - OH! And "HBO guy comes between 3-5" !!!).

John Lennon's Handwritten To-Do List, again, on Brain Pickings .

Day 74 of One Thousand Days I did what I could.

And since I hate them so much, I wonder if a CUTE to-do list would make life better?

Download this cutie over at Noisette Academy (someone has clearly embraced their to-do listing. Someone OTHER than me).

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