Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 49 (Or: I Look Up)

window inside of middle age church hollola
And in a moment of silence, rather than pointing my nose at the ground, rather than hanging my head in shame or reverence, I look up.  Not because there's something up there, or because I'm waiting to be shone on or to receive divine intervention and guidance, but because it's beautiful up there.


Even though the window is North facing, and doesn't capture the Westward traveling sun, what I see through that window reminds me that I am both small and great, one of many, and that the week will begin with this light, with my feet planted firmly on the ground, and my eyes gazing (what a pompous word, but that's what they're doing!) up and out.

Day 49 of One Thousand Days, Sunday, the beginning of the week, I look up.

49 down, 951 to go.

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