Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 51 (or: Chase the blues away)

Today, oh glorious Day of Days, I woke up to find that those little ads over there to the right had earned me my first $.01! I'm a bona-fide, actual-like, professional blogger!  Well, now that I'm all legitimate, I have to think carefully about how I invest all $.01.  And to my mind, I should NOT invest in corporations which are counter to my ideals.  If a company puts single mothers on the street?  Right.  Not going to give them my money.  And if a company steals from little old ladies?  Oh hell no.  They're not getting MY money, the thieves!  And if a company kills baby seals?  Steals childrens' candy?  Kicks stray dogs? Makes fashion handbags out of old-growth timber?  Right again, they're not getting a (alright, my only) penny from me, the scumbags!

Well, the only thing that I know for sure The-Big-Bad-Corporate-Bank-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless has done is steal from little old ladies (I know a little old lady who's been most alarmingly conned by the smiling clerks in the blue shirts), although I suspect they're probably tangentially involved in all of the rest of those wicked activities above, and MORE.  So today, Day 51 of One Thousand Days, in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, and in support of my favorite little old lady, I emptied my bank accounts, and deposited the money in my new (old) Chases Chocolate Bank, where it will remain until I deposit it tomorrow at one of the local community oriented credit unions or local banks.

I feel so much better.  No more kicking stray dogs.  51 down, 949 to go.

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