Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 53 (or: Now THIS is a Contest for Me!)

Hehe. I've got about One Thousand Days worth of ways to leave my lover.
Day 53 of One Thousand Days, I fancy myself a writer. I curbed my tongue (er...fingers) and wrote only 100 words about the Leaving of the The Bad Relationship, and I'm going to submit it to actual authors for No. That's not it. I don't care about approval. Perusal.  Yes. That's the word. 

My entry, exactly 100 words on one of the 50 ways to leave a lover, and feel free to use this the next time you're leaving someone:

Food For Thought
The pancakes pleaded: “Please leave?”  The alphabet soup sounded out: “get out!”  The spaghetti, in cursive, politely told you your time was up.  Last night, the chocolate sauce you licked off my belly read: “I’m done” – granted, it was dark, and I didn’t really expect you to be able to read it.  But I had hoped…I burned the word DEPART into the toast, and between the grill lines on that steak, one could clearly read the anguish of all these years. This evening, in joyful, succinct and unmistakable terms, I’ll leave you with this one last thought:  An empty plate.

53 down, 947 to go. 


  1. Perfect. I was less subtle flinging posessions into the driveway and shredding the slutty lingerie i found in his things in the pretty pink gift bag. Still I'm pretty sure he got the hint.

  2. I like your method too! Now go buy yourself something red. Wine will do. - Cara


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