Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 64: (Or: See What You Want To See)

Two neat things:

Thing one:  iGoogle.  Seriously.  Insert your feeds, your favorite sites, cool gadgets for getting things done, inspiration, calendars, email links (if you can't find or make a gadget HERE, chances are, someone's made one and put it on the interwebs, just Google "my-favorite-thing iGoogle Gadget"), and NEVER AGAIN suffer the indignity of stupid news.  Or, at least minimize the stupid news.  Relief!

Here's what my iGoogle home page looks like - or part of it, anyway:

And thing number two:  A Good Book:

Maira Kalman.  If you've never seen her work...well...I'm sure you have.  Even if you didn't know what you were looking at.  Charming illustration, charming story-work, charm.  And one of her latest endeavors is a collaboration with Michael Pollan, of Food Rules fame.  And their collaboration, a second edition of Food Rules, RULES.

Find it, preferably, at your local and independent bookstore.  Or, because I love libraries, your local library. Either way, find it, read it, enjoy it, and live it.  Day 64 of One Thousand Days, I did.

64 Down, 936 to go.

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