Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 68 (Or: A Lost Art)

HehehahhahahaaaaahahahahhHHHHHAAAAAAAAA! heeeHEEE!

That, if you can't ascertain for yourself, is a maniacal laugh, uttered while ringing my hands with joy, head thrown back and grinning like a mad woman.

I've got a bit of an obsession.  Okay, maybe I have several of them.  Maybe.  More than several.  But I digress (possibly because I'm obsessed with my obsessions)!  And I need to explain this Thing.

It's a hoot, really.

There's this t.v. show, you see.  It's called "Lost."  You may have heard of it.  It ran for a few seasons and then it ended.  ANDILOVEITSOMUCHICAN'TSTANDIT!

If "Lost" were a man, I'd marry him.  If he'd have me.  He'd probably be in a psychiatric ward, but I'd still marry him.  And I would have a constant, endless, remarkable and intriguing inspiration for the weirdest One Thousand Days ever.  That would be awesome.

I won't bother trying to describe "Lost."  There are already so many lovely reviews of the show, it's characters, it's quirks.  Google it.  And besides, you could probably fill an encyclopedia trying to explain it all...

Again, my obsession has diverted me from my aim, which is to inform you that you can now die a happy person, because THERE IS a god, and She in her infinite wisdom, has seen fit to direct some genius to come up with this:


So, today's Thing, (truly a good thing, considering the alternative) is that I will NOT read through each and every one of the 7,252 articles in the Lostpedia.  I will only read the one about the Polar Bears.  For now.  Tomorrow I'll read the rest of them.


68 down, 932 to go.

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