Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 65 (Or: Revolution!)

Stumbled across this today:  Not in the StumbleUpon sort of way, in the it appeared in my Facebook "news" in several different forms:

Similarly, I stumbled across this (again, in the accidental visitation, sort of a way, not in the SU sort of a way):  

I'm inspired.  Have been for a while.  I want chickens and bees and a garden full of food - fruits, vegetables and herbs.  This is the year!  I'm doing it!  Day 66 of One Thousand Days, I lay out the yard plan to accommodate (almost) all of these lovely things - more research on bees in my urban area is needed before I commit to a herd of yellow and black fuzzies.  

The Dervaes family is an incredible inspiration for such remarkable works.  I've seen them on YouTube:

...and in a myriad of wonderful magazine and blog articles.  Take a minute to check out their website and blogs:

And, if you care to, add The Urban Farm to your reading list, and start drawing up plans for your summer bounty!  

66 down, 934 to go.

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