Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 67 (Or: The Windblown Look)

A couple of thoughts.

One:  Aviator helmet. With goggles.  And possibly a jaunty scarf.  This is how one should address wind gusts of 40-50 miles per hour as one is doing Day 66 Things (walking to work).

Two:  Shoes are important.  Especially shoes that don't slip around while you're walking doing Day 66 Things.

Three:  Friends who live halfway between home and productivity place (work), are simply fabulous.  Especially when it's windy, and there's tea to be drunk.

Day 67 of One Thousand Days, I scheme for further preparation for the walking endeavor (better shoes, weather accommodation, etc).  And recognize that if I'm going to bike, or take a bus (what a hoot!), I'll need to do some likewise preparation toward the facilitation of those activities as well.

67 Down, 933 to Go.

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