Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 12 (or: Mmmmmm, bacon)

Love fades from my arms, but not from my heart. Today, the day of Hallmark romance and tokens of affection, I love very deeply and truly. Love my friends, love my family, love the Bad Relationship. That might be the champagne talking, but I do.

Snippets of Love day:
Sleep in until 9:45 (joy!)
Eco-Sabbath day. Candlelight and silence.
Text from The Bad Relationship: “Happy sugar heart day”
My response: “Back at you”
Lissy's advice for response:  "Happy kiss-my-ass day"
My thought: Must block cell phone number. Maybe.
Champagne cocktails and brunch with the best of the best.
Tiny crepes and omelets made by an incredible 8 year old.
The most remarkable red-velvet cupcakes made by my lovely bakestress friend.
A house full of babies and children and delight.
Conversations about Love on my arm.
And about eco-sabath observation.
Red primroses and hand-made cards for my family.
Son at the end of a weekend long playdate with the greatest non-grandparents ever.

And synchronicity. It’s Eco-Sabbath day again, and in a happy little bit of synchronicity in a conversation about my whacky eco-day, my friend told me (after protesting observing anything eco.  After all, she lived off the grid in Alaska, and that makes up for a lifetime of eco-gluttony) about a wonderful way to save ourselves a little energy: Blackle. Ironically, I had to Google it before I could sign up for it. Interested? You should be. It’s an energy saving search engine. By displaying a black screen with white lettering, it saves energy! Blackle claimes that 1,706,161.543 Watt hours have been saved. One step at a time, right? Well, I’m all for it, and today (of all days) seems like a good day to switch my search engine to Blackle. Which I did.

But that’s not the end of my good streak. I’m ready to take a big step. BIG. I’ve done it before, but it bears repeating. In fact, it was one of the wonderful things that I did during the terrible 1,000 days. And if it was that phenomenal (which it was), I think it deserves to be done during the good One Thousand Days. And possibly (hopefully) for the rest of my life. Today, Day 12 of One Thousand Days, I commit to consuming no sugar, no meat, and no dairy (basically Vegan, with the addition of controlled sugars). I do this for my own well being (allergies, hormone imbalances and other unpleasantness), and I also do this for the earth. Animals raised for consumption (mainstream consumption, anyway) tend to be treated badly (understatement of the year).   And the environmental impacts of raising, slaughtering and distributing meat to water and other resources are more severe than raising and distributing vegetables. And damn it, it makes me feel good. So there. Now that I’ve downed my poached eggs, and my red-velvet cupcakes, I’m not going to eat brie (oh, lovely brie) or bacon (mmmm, bacon) or copious amounts of pie (WHAT? Even the pie?) anymore. Again.

Day 12 down, 988 to go.

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