Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 4 (or: I Have to Give Up What?)

So. This is a lovely little journey. I’m on day four of One Thousand Days, and I already have three followers (thanks, C.J., Laurie and Denise!) and not only that, I’m on day four of being in bed. Not bad, eh? Not the illness (that’s been gooey and gross) – I mean the fact that I’ve been able to do something other than be sick (I’m SUCH a baby when I’m sick). I’ve been able to overcome achy, selfish, whiney, flu-ish stuff and actually be generous!

Ok. That’s fine and dandy, but what I’m coming to realize, is that it’s probably a really good thing that I’ve been in bed. I mean to say, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time the last several days feverishly searching the interwebs, building blog, coming up with ideas, editing, etc. So what happens when I’m not in bed any more? I’ll tell you what happens: I have to give something up, maybe even several somethings, in order to find the time to (1) think up lovely things (2) execute said lovely things and (3) write, edit, and post about those self-same lovely things. Probably at least an hour and half out of every precious day. What a commitment.  In other words, I think I have to give up Facebook.

Aaaggggghhhh!! NO! Nononononononono! (She whines, pounding fists as if having a crazed flashback to the terrible twos) Yes! Yeseyseyseyseyyesyseyes yes, I do. (She says with head hung, resolute and determined). I will do this, and that will mean sacrifice. NO MORE FACEBOOK.  Well, no more Facebooking for hours.  I mean, just checking in every once in a while isn't going to hurt, right?

And luckily, inspiration didn’t take long to hit me today (hopefully they're all as easy as today.  I can hear Holly groaning as I write this). Reading Smithsonian Magazine, with only a slightly fevered and fuzzy brain, I realized how very much we missed when we were in Washington D.C. this summer (there are 19, count them 19! Smithsonian Museums - we visited 5). And it hit me. I want to take the lovely boy back. And in order to do that, we need money. So today, Day 4 of One Thousand Days, I took the spare change jar, which is almost full, and put a nice label on it: Saving for Washington D.C.! Put your money in! Whatever we raise by the end of June, we’ll use for a trip to D.C. at the end of the summer. JOY! Ok. So it’s a sort of for the darling child, and it’s also sort of for me, but it’s something! And I figure the great thing about this, is that at the end of the summer I’ll have my extraordinary things all lined up, and won’t have to worry about it, because after all, Washington D.C. is simply one big endless extraordinary!

4 down, 996 to go.

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  1. Man. I really need a camera so's I kin post me own pics instead of scavengin' from ye old interwebs.


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