Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 5 (or: Ouch, that’s my foot!)

Day 5 is a no brainer. It’s Sunday. Sabbath, if you will. The day of rest and prayer (for those of you who actually observe – not me, of course, I’m a heathen). Strict observence of the Jewish Sabath is the inspiration for day 5, and also for suggestion number 3 of Colin Bevin’s article in Yes! magazine: 10 Ways to Change Your Life (not just your lightbulbs).

So, for Day 5 (the entire day) of One Thousand Days, I will: “OBSERVE AN ECO-SABBATH. For one day or afternoon or even one hour a week, don’t buy anything, don’t use any machines, don’t switch on anything electric, don’t cook, don’t answer your phone, and, in general, don’t use any resources. In other words, for this regular period, give yourself and the planet a break. Every hour per week that you live no impact cuts your carbon emissions by 0.6 percent annually. Commit to four hours per week, that’s 2.4 percent; do it for a whole day each week to cut your impact by 14.4 percent a year.”

It may be dark in the house, so we’ll be bumping into each other a lot, and this may cause more mayhem than it’s worth, but we’ll give it our level best. And when my son steps on my foot (remind me to tell you how my feet are magnets for all things heavy and painful), I’ll try my hardest to be nice. Really. And, GULP, no computer!

5 down, 995 to go

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