Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 15 (or: Sisters! Sisters! There were never such devoted Sisters!)

Do you wonder if you say "I love you" enough to the people who you love?  Is it even possible to say "I love you" enough?  I wonder all the time.  I'm truly blessed to have so many amazing, loving, supportive people in my life, and every once in a while I remember some person of fabulous stature who I haven't spoken to or seen in a while and I have a little sudden lurch of panic about whether they know I love them.

Todays good thing is inspired by a friendship love note that one of my buddies received last week.  What a lovely thing to do.  Send a love note to a friend.  I've adapted things a bit, and directed a love note at one of my sisters.  She's amazing (all of my sisters are), and I literally feel like dancing when I think about her.

Day 15 of One Thousand Days.  Love note to sister:

Darling Shelly-belly,

Just a quick note to say that I love you dearly. You know this, of course, but I don’t get to see you often enough to say it in any consistent sort of a way, and it’s important that you know what an incredibly important part of my life you are.

You introduced me to pesto, after all. And you were the face shining up at me from the photo of lovely ladies (with funny looking 70’s hair) holding me as an infant. I’d stumble across those photos in my only-child-of-a-single-mother youth and I’d wonder at the mystery of my family. You’ve lovingly solved that mystery, and I’ve so loved the unfolding of each part of our lives together. You tempted me all the way to Salt Lake City and shared beehives and Tabernacles. You share my love of musicals (sing it with me: Sisters! Sisters! There were never SUCH devoted sisters!). You amaze me with your grace. Your humor sets a fire in my heart and makes me burst with laughter and makes me love that the same blood flows in my veins. Your love of family makes me a better mother. Your Christmas visits make me warm and make me a part of the dream family that I always wanted – complete with singing around the piano (sigh). Your understanding and patience is a loving example of sisterly everythingness. Your knowledge of our family ties and history and your story keeping are valuable beyond measure and help me and mine to be a part of a family hiSTORY with you as an exclamation point on the narrative. You bring us together - and who else would be brave enough to call a reunion the dysFUNfamily reunion? You genius, you.

Did I mention that you’re really pretty?

I just love you. Thank you for being born to be my sister.



Day 15 down, 985 to go.

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