Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 9 (or: Stop putting off the things that make you happy!)

There are a couple of elements of One Thousand Days that I’ve been contemplating for a few moments. And I realize that I’ll likely be tweaking things as I roll along with all this merry do-gooding.

Keeping track of commitments
I started thinking about this when observing the Eco Sabbath: I can do One Thousand things, and they can be all distinct things, and they can be one time things, but really, some things that are good deserve a little more attention. For instance, I could observe one Eco Sabbath, but wouldn’t it be better if I observed the Eco Sabbath every Sunday? So day 4 should have included a larger commitment? Also, I could choose to not eat meat for a day, but in order for that kind of thing to make any kind of difference, it’s a choice that would be better made for the long term.

I realize now that an element of these One Thousand Days will be to note whether a Day is a stand alone event, or whether it’s a long term commitment. And if it’s a long term commitment, I should make some notes on progress, shouldn’t I? I can do that, right? Wow, this is starting to become complicated, but I like it!

Who benefits from One Thousand Days?
Another issue: is One Thousand Days only about doing good for “others”? Yesterday, in dealing with crisis at work, my colleague and I acknowledged that it was important to put our own emergency air tanks on first, so that we could then help others with theirs. Metaphorically speaking. So an issue such as meat eating, may also benefit me. Which could be construed as selfishly good. But I think that’s ok. And I’m going to do it.

But today? Day 9 of One Thousand Days is about others. Two others, to be precise. One is my lovely Aunt Claudia, who I love and admire, and haven’t talked to in about a year and a half. I know that she’s been hoping to hear from me, and I have not been a very good niece. Today I called and invited her to tea. And the other, a friend who I love just about as much as I love any of my friends, and who I haven’t spent any appreciable time with in about 10 years, since our 10 year high school reunion. Joyfully, she’s moved back to town, and I get to re-connect with her! Today is about re-connecting, and it feels good. I hope it feels as good to those who I’m re-connecting with!

Day 9 down, 991 to go.


  1. Good on ya! "Keep the numbers going--till the song is done. Love will keep on growing and you'll have lots of fun."

  2. Yay! It's the first comment I've received! Thank you, Anonymous! :-)


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